Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

Sunday, February 27, 2011

letter from Colorado

Okay, so now I'll start from the top. I think I told you about the balloons for the baby shower on my first day. Yeah, turns out there was more planned. We went to a member's house (the Allens') who couldn't wait for the greenie to show up. They gave me a Lightning McQueen sippy cup with a twisty straw and a childproof lid on it with green jello for desert. I guess it could have been worse if the whole plan would have gone through. They said they felt bad for doing too much to me though on my first day (thank goodness). Yeah, good stuff. Initiation is finally over though haha. We went to a family named the Powers' after dinner to discuss missionary plans and for them to get to know me. They are the Ward Mission Leaders and I think some of the most energetic, peppy people I've ever met in my life. Really great people though and they seemed excited to meet me.
So the first 4 doors I tracted were...interesting. My very first door, I knock. We wait. Hear footsteps. See someone look through the peephole. They walk away. So do we. The next house was a thanks but no thanks. At least they answered. My third door was an open and before I could say anything, a "Mormons. PFFFF." and a door in my face with a lock right behind it. Oookay. And the fourth was a no answer. Welcome to the mission field! ha.
Our other solid investigators, Brandy and Aaron Adams, are such great people! Aaron was a less active for about 16 years and just got the Priesthood on Saturday. His wife, Brandy, is the one being baptized on March 5th. The great part is that he will be able to baptize her! So exciting. They have a little boy, Jackson, who is 4 and a little girl, Lexi, who is 18 months. They are really great people and will make great members in the church. Anyways, the ward is awesome, Colorado is great and I can't wait to keep working!
P.S. I forwarded pictures of our first day here that the President sent us. Let me know if that worked.
Love you all!
Elder Shepard

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