Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elder Shepard's letter

Mom and Dad,
Ha, I guess I'd mob Jimmer too. He's a hero to BYU. That's all Bonds got? No justice around here. Holy cow! That's a huge building! Too bad BYU alone has 260 wards haha. That's really lame, I love the student wards.
I heard about the Cubbies in Denver, they dropped 2 of 3. I was rather dissapointed, but Rocky Fever is strong here! I see many bandwagoners joining soon. Sounds like some upsets brewing in the playoffs, but my Bulls stayed strong. I hope Boozer gets injured so we can take the title. Too many Obama supporters here if you ask me, the stickers are everywhere.
Did you get my Easter cards as well? We had some fun making those. That's good that Grandma got a good break, sounds like fun. Sounds like some big changes in the Bishopric! I'm glad that they kept Brother Hurd though, he hasn't been in long enough. That's really cool that ward conference went well. Always good when nothing bad happens haha. I've been feeling good, the weather is unpredictable, and our investigators are...interested? Not sure there.
So on to my week. We had dinner with the coolest nerds ever last Monday! It's okay, they even said they were nerds. They had a phone app that could guess any character off of any show ever. It even guessed Aunt B. They also have nerd-offs where they see who can read a 1,000 page book the fastest. It was way too funny.
On Tuesday I got to go on more exchanges. I went out to Riverdale for half of the day and then with Henderson for the other half. In 1 1/2 transfers, I've spent time with 7 different areas plus mine. Needless to say, I've seen quite a bit haha. It was cool because on Tuesday night, we had the chance to teach a lady and her daughter about tithing and the law of chastity. Right when we said it, they said they were willing to live it. I know one day I'll get a golden investigator like that.
We taught Lonnie Silas this week, who basically isn't progressing. We decided to be bold and tell him that he needs to do the things we ask him to do. Hopefully, he gets the message.
We did lunch with the Enwall's this week, and we shared a message about prayer. It was really cool because after we were done, he looked at us and said, "How did you know I was struggling with prayer? Who told you?" The Spirit really can guide our actions.
I also had the chance to teach District Meeting on Wednesday. I taught "Revelation through Prayer" and it actually went pretty well. I only had to fill 35 minutes, which was nice haha.
On Thursday, we decided to take a few hours and make Easter cards. It was actually super fun to do that. I hope you will be getting yours in the mail soon and I sent them out to other people as well. They may not care but hey, it gave me an excuse to have some fun.
Also on Thursday, we got our 3rd different car in 2 transfers. This car is a 2010 Chevy Malibu, which is great except for it is a V4. Who makes a car with a V4? Totally lame. Oh, and it has a bike rack, so we look even cooler!
That night, we had dinner with the Algers', who are a less-active family. I think I have told you about them before. Anyways, it was a good dinner and we shared a message on prayer afterwards. It was really cool because his wife and non-member son were participating and answering our questions. Who knows, something could be coming forth there. They're such a great family!
We stopped by Samantha Lor's house, who promised us that she would go to church 8 weeks ago. Still haven't seen her...We finally were able to catch her at home. We gave her a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and asked her to share it with her husband. Her big hangup is that he is Buddhist and doesn't want to cause trouble. So I figure we baptize him and she'll come. Easy, right?
On Saturday night, we had dinner with the Allen's, but this time it was just the young adults there with our Zone Leader's. We had dinner and it was all fun, but most of the people feeding us were dating and did their own thing. Can I tell you, in 3 months, how weird that has become to me? I now see why missionaries come home so weird.
Yesterday, we went in to help teach primary again. It was their Easter program, so we helped narrate the story. It was really fun to go back in there again and it's so weird to see little kids basically worship you. I think there is something in the 10 commandments about that, but it's fun, so I'll let it go. So last night, the Primary President dropped by with cinnamon rolls and a thank you card. It's so nice to know that we are appreciated.
Our dinner last night was with the Delfin's, the Peruvian family I told you about. Unfortunately, we had taco salad. I mean, it was good, but last time was so good! I love that family though, they are way too nice to us.
So in our city, they have a trash pickup once a year that you can put big bulk items out. I couldn't believe how many people go around and steal other people's trash. It's so funny to watch! They take the metal and leave the rest, evidently it's worth a lot right now. I mean, I think working would be easier, but I guess dumpster diving is cool too.
This morning, I got up at 6 to go play tennis on the Carlson's private courts. Yeah, I guess there are some perks to serving in America haha. It was way fun, we played with our ZL's. Dad will appreciate this: One of the guys played Safety on the 2009 Sugar Bowl Utah team. He was wearing all of his stuff today. I mean, it was cool but yeah. It wasn't haha.
Anyways, that was my week. A bit slower but can't complain. I'm now halfway through my 2nd transfer! Hope my cards get to you soon and have a great week. I love you!
Elder Shepard

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