Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mike's Easter letter

Mom and Dad,
Speaking of snow, it snowed here on Saturday. Something is wrong with this picture. April 23, 32 degrees and snow? I think they mixed Dallas and I up on who likes what weather.I heard Derrick Rose sprained his ankle, that could kill the Bulls. So there is a reason that the Cubs haven't won all these years. Just another curse I tell you! I could see Jimmer going to the Jazz, he'd be a big draw and they could use a dominant PG. Too bad for Brandon Marshall, shouldn't have demanded out of Denver. No more Dodger Dogs??? I'll never go to another Dodgers game. Ha, you enjoy the Easter Card? We worked hard on it for sure.
My Easter was great, but I'll tell more about that in a bit.
Tomorrow is my 3 month mark, and time is flying! I can't believe I'm already 1/8 of the way done with my mission. Two years sounds like a long time, but the Lord truly helps you when you lose yourself in the work. That's a really neat story and I think with the big push for worthiness and temple attendance in General Conference, people really took notice.
Anyways, on to my week. Last Monday, we went to play Frisbee Golf for P-day. I'd never heard of this before, but quickly realized just how dumb it is haha. It was a fun one-time thing though.
Also on Tuesday, we had an appointment with James Campbell, our investigator who was reffered to us from HQ. We were all excited and were going to share President Uchtdorf's Sunday morning talk with him, but he didn't show. Lame. To cope with it all, we went to the Olson's and Elder Gnehm and I cooked a fine three-course meal. We volunteered because we are there at least 3 times a week and felt like we should do something for them. It tasted so good!
Wednesday night, we went to the Porath's house. It's kind of cool because she went to Taylorsville High and grew up in Murray. Her parents now live in Washington and I was like dang. You basically covered most of my connections in Utah. Anyways, her husband is a bit...crazy. He talked for an hour and a half straight about basically nothing. I'm not sure how we couldn't get even one word in but it happened haha. He's a nice enough guy, but...
On Thursday, we visited a less-active guy named David Baize. He was actually really happy to see us and talked about how he's descended from a bunch of Indians and wants to do their temple work. He's been doing his genealogy and wants to do the work for them personally. Naturally, that lead to he has to come to church and be worthy of a reccommend. We invited him to talk to the Bishop and hopefully he keeps that committment.
That same day, we visited the Christensen's. This week was their sons Spring Break, so he came home from Pennsylvania. It was neat to get to talk to him and we were able to teach Lesson 3 to them. He hasn't had the chance to go to church out there because his aunt that he's living with is Protestant, but hopefully he keeps his testimony up. The sad part was that his mom, who hasn't been to church in ages, said she would come with him and her husband. Only her husband showed up though. It was kind of a let down, that's for sure.
In our ward, there is a family named the Loftus'. I think I've mentioned them before, but anyways, they are super soft spoken but way nice people. It was her birthday this past week, and her husband got her a card that says, "The two words that every woman wants to hear." Can you guess what it is? She opened it and it said, "Nice butt". I would have never seen it coming from this guy! It was too funny.
Saturday morning, we went to help trim up a row of apple trees for our old bishop. Right when we got there, it started snowing. We just decided to work through it, which was kind of fun. Brother Voge is pretty quick, so it only took us 2 hours to finish up. The second we got in our car, it stopped snowing. Not funny, not one bit.
Right after that, we went to the Botts' for an Easter BBQ. The problem was that we did it around a campfire and we were seeing our Presdient that night, so not the best idea. Whatever, we just smelled like smoke. It was super fun though and there were like 6 different families there. We just shared an Easter message and it was about the closest I've felt to preaching to large crowds yet haha.
Saturday night, we were able to attend our Stake Conference Adult Session. Did I tell you Elder Perry came? Yeah, that was super cool. He broke through the crowds to talk to the missionaries and to tell us a few things. I'm not sure if it was chastisement or encouragement, but it was cool either way haha. Saturday night, he talked about strengthening families and how we can do it. He talked for 45 minutes and is probably one of the funniest people I've ever heard. His best joke was when he told the story of when he was called to the Quorm of the Twelve. He said he was sitting next to Elder McConkie in General Conference and that after the meeting, President Lee came over and said, "Brethren, what is that behind you?" They turned around and saw the MoTab. President Lee said, "That's right. Maybe you should mouth the words so you don't make them sound bad." It was too funny.
Yesterday, we got to the church 2 hours early for a good seat, and the whole chapel was still full! People sure get excited for an Apostle. It was cool to hear him talk and he shared a message about how we can stay strong in the gospel and talked about the purpose of Easter. It was such a cool experience.
At 1:30, we went to the Ricks' for dinner. They went all out, it reminded me a lot of home. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, fruit salad, regular salad, gravy, rolls, and a big pie. It was so good! She even made us little Easter baskets, which was super nice. We played an hour and a half long game of Sorry, which I'm sorry to say I lost. I almost won but man, that game is all chance. I don't know how Dad stays the champion.
The rest of the night was spent with the Olson's (surpised?). We just hung out and started a 1000 piece puzzle. Those things are pretty hard haha. It was good fun though. I'll definitely miss that family when I get transferred. Oh, I forgot to mention, Friday night we ate with them and taught an Easter message.
Well, I hope your Easter went well and that your week will be good! Love you all!
Elder Shepard

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