Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

almost mothers day

Mom and Dad,
It really was great to see Elder Perry. Hints on transfers? President told me to buy a bike. In my interview, he's like "Elder, do you have a bike?" "No..." "I'd really reccommend you getting one." Laramie, here I come! Unless this is some sick joke haha.
That's crazy to hear everything that is happening in the world yet have absolutely no connection to it. I like it but I don't at the same time. It sure helps keep the Spirit though to not hear who got killed and what everyone's opinion on it is.
Well, on to my week. It was a bit slower but hey, what can you do? Last Monday, we ate with the Allen's, who seem like one of our regular places to go. The cool part was that he just bought a 3D t.v. and let us watch 5 minutes of a basketball game. Technology is crazy! It literally felt like you were in the stands watching that thing.
On Tuesday, we had missionary date night at the Olive Garden. Someone gave us $45 dollars to Olive Garden because they cancelled on us and man. It was the best! Somehow Elder Gnehm and I spent $47, but whatever. It was so worth it. We went with the Thornton Elders and a priest from their ward, just so we wouldn't look too weird. We had so many people come up and talk to us, it was awesome.
On Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Mose out of the Thornton ward. It was quite something to spend a day with a Samoan guy, I'll tell you that. It was way awesome though and we taught 4 lessons that day, all of which were solid. It was definitely a fun day and he told me all of his stories from back home. Some day, I really want to go to the islands.
On Thursday, we did service for the Powers', which took us like 10 minutes of real work but we stretched it into an hour and a half, just so we could stay in shorts. It was kind of fun actually. We just kept finding more and more that we could do, which they just laughed at. Oh, I forgot. Our interviews with President were on this day and wow. It was awesome! That guy will be in the 70 some day. I already told you about the bike, so I just went to WalMart and picked one up. It was cheaper to do that then send Dallas' home and back. So I did it. I'm not sure if I ever told you about our shooting the basketball for transfer predictions, but mine said Laramie on bike. We re-shot them and I got the same exact thing. I'm a bit spooked. Then President tells me to get a bike, it's all coming together...Anyways, we had dinner with the Olson's, which was awesome as usual. We started a 1000 piece puzzle, which was insanely difficult.  We finally finished it last night though and I have pictures to prove it haha.
On Friday, we had the chance to visit the Garcia's for dinner. It turns out that he was having surgery that day and asked us for a blessing. It was my second chance to give one on my mission, so it was a pretty neat experience. They are a super nice family too and it looks like he's on his way to recovery.
Saturday morning, we had an 8 year old baptism of Isa Williams. It was full of her family, which her mom and certain relatives aren't members. When that happens, we give a 5 minute version of the first lesson while they get dressed after the baptism. The neat thing is that her mom was paying close attention and came to church again yesterday. She was really close to baptism a few years ago but a missionary pushed her too hard. We are really hoping that she is getting interested again, which is what seems like is happening. It is really cool to see her start to involve herself again and we are trying to take it slow but still help her progress at the same time.
Yesterday was really good. We had to get up at for a Stake meeting, which kind of stunk, but whatever. It went alright. I got called Saturday night at 9 to teach Gospel Principles, so I did it haha. I love the short notice but I think it went fairly well. I always have room to improve though. We had dinner with the Ence's, who are moving over to the next ward this week. He said something about Santa Clara having 17 wards now, is that true? He just said that's what his mom told him. Anyways, Elder Gnehm was feeling sick so I took that chance to work on the puzzle at the Olson's. Beats sitting home and doing nothing.
Anyways, that's my week. I love you all and look forward to talking to you this weekend!
Elder Shepard

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